Fantasy Baseball Resources Tools Links

Fantasy Baseball Resources Tools Links
  • Saber Sim was developed by Hardball Times and FanGraphs author Matt Hunter, SaberSim (originally titled Baseball Sim) to run simulated baseball games.  You can customize it and add in the players you want, use current projected stats or use past season stats . For more info Developer’s article
  • Baseball Heat Maps has:
    •  Injury databases
    • Batted ball distance
    • PITCHf/x database
    • Rich data sets and tools

Developed by Hardball Times & FanGraphs author Jeff Zimmerman & his brother Darrell, this is a site on which you could spend hours and not even scratch the surface of what is housed there. As if the wealth of data on the site wasn’t great enough, many of the tools have leaderboards for easier consumption.
  • Bill Pettis Spray Chart Tool Developed by Hardball Times and FanGraphs author Bill Petti. Hitter, pitcher and ballpark comparisons. For more info, read Bill’s Article
  • MLB Payrolls Interactive payroll tool by Phil Roth It puts salary info into a larger context and allows users to see how teams stack up on a macro level and also examine the finer detail of each team’s payroll going all the way back to 1998
  • Markov Calculator by Tom Tango

Compute run expectancy tables and linear weights with Markov Chains. Input at-bats, hits, doubles, etc. and then press a button. The program will do the rest. You can also find lots of related and insightful commentary at Tango’s blog.

Like clockwork every day, Grey over at Razzball, posts Fantasy Baseball Daily Notes, a recap of what he saw yesterday in baseball.

He puts an entertaining spin on things while offering up useful Fantasy Baseball information.

I tried hard for several years to figure out who Grey Albright actually is, I even read the E-Book

But was never able to figure it out. Right when I accepted the fact that this is a made up character, I got to meet him at the Tout Wars weekend after party at Foleys in 2016.

The real Grey did not disappoint, as he was just as quirky and cool in real life.

On Fridays, Grey also does his Buy/Sell column. Another great column I read every week.

Grey is obviously my favorite, but the other writers at Razzball are also informative and entertaining. It’s almost as if they had to pass some sort of funny test before they were hired..

And Grey answers all commenters questions. I swear he has to spend most of his day doing this..

Fantasy Baseball Two Start Pitchers(weekly)


Fantasy Baseball Prospects

Closer Report

And just in case you come upon a word you don’t recognize, don’t worry there is a glossary for that.

Razzball also offers a few premium options that are worth the money should you feel the need to get super serious:


This tool is designed to identify attractive short-term pitcher pickups – aka fantasy baseball streamers/streaming pitchers. It could also be used to determine when to start/sit a pitcher on your roster.



Weekly Pitcher Planner

Weekly Hitter Planner



Rotoworld has always been quick to report baseball happenings
and Hardball talk goes a bit more in depth about them. Craig Calcaterra, specifically. He used to write a column called “And That Happened” but I haven’t been able to find it…
Both are owned by NBC Sports
Smart Fantasy Baseball was created by Tanner Bell, who specializes in using Excel for Data Analysis. If you are interested in learning how to analyze baseball using spreadsheets, this website is a must. Tanner has taken the time to include detailed instructions, along with video tutorials which I refer to on a regular basis. Also, if you have any questions just ask Tanner! He is an extremely nice guy and happy to help!!

Here are just a few of the Tools over at Smart Fantasy Baseball: (Click on Name of Tool to Read More)
An Excel file that lists player name, birth date, handedness info, Baseball-Reference ID, Fangraphs ID, MLB ID, CBS ID, Retrosheet ID, ESPN ID, Yahoo ID, NFBC ID, Baseball Prospectus ID, Davenport ID, FanDuel Name, FanDuel ID, Draft Kings name, and more. Useful for joining information from different sources.Comments:

These posts highlight practical uses of the Player ID Map:

The Projection Aggregator is an easy to use Excel spreadsheet that can combine (or average) up to three different projection sets to give you the best possible set of projections to use for the upcoming season. You can use just about any well known projection source you have at your disposal. Download your favorite projections, fill out the settings tab shown below (instructions included), and you’re done.No complicated formulas. No VLOOKUPs. Just download projections, bring them in to the Aggregator, and fill out the settings below. That’s it! You’ll have better projections in minutes.

Have you ever tried to join or use a VLOOKUP to combine information from different sites, only to realize that the White Sox are abbreviated “CHW” on one site and “CHA” on another? Or the Giants are “SF” on a site and “SFG” on another?Honestly, this doesn’t happen to me often. But it will occasionally. I figured it might be helpful to document the team abbreviations used on the major sites and make it easily available for download.

The map currently has team abbreviations for the following sites:

  • Fangraphs
  • Baseball Reference
  • Yahoo
  • ESPN
  • Baseball Prospectus
  • Rotowire
  • Fantasy Pros
  • Baseball Press
  • FanDuel
  • Draft Kings
  • Roster Resource URL
Spreadsheet created By Tanner used with the book Projecting X written by Mike Podhorzer.
Projecting X 2.0 has been since released and the spreadsheet updated.Find Out More Here&nbsp
While Fangraphs is one of the most well known websites among the Fantasy Baseball community, I feel that most do not utilize, or even know about, some of the great free tools they offer. Here are my favorites:

Why play ottoneu?

Ottoneu is smarter, better fantasy baseball. We looked at the various ways that fantasy baseball wasn’t living up to the sport it was based on and we improved each one.

  • Depth and Breadth With 12-team leagues, 40-man rosters, full access to the minor leagues, and competition as knowledgeable about baseball as you are, the challenge of building a winner is that much more exciting.
  • Build for Today and Tomorrow The end of the regular season is just the beginning. With ottoneu fantasy baseball, you have the option to keep every single player on your roster from one season to the next. Find the perfect match of stars and prospects to stay competitive for the long haul. Move expensive players for keepers if you’re playing for the future, or sacrifice your future for today. The result is more options, more flexibility, and a better fantasy baseball experience.
  • Auctions for Everyone Gone are the days of lamenting your pick in the draft or missing out on a free agent because you could not get to your computer in time. All players in ottoneu fantasy baseball are distributed via league-wide auctions. The market dictates, and every team wins.

How much does this cost?

While there are promotions all the time, the base cost for one team for one season is $9.99, or less than $1 a month.

Are there any prizes for winning an ottoneu league?

Yes! We have prize tiers! You can check out the details here.

Oh man, this is a pretty deep game. Where can I read a bit about ottoneu strategy?

Yeah, ottoneu is a pretty deep game, but one of the great benefits of being aligned with FanGraphs is that there is no shortage of great writing about ottoneu. Start with Chad Young’s columns on RotoGraphs.

How does the auction draft work?

Don’t be intimidated by the auction draft! It is easier than you think. Check out this article to get a basic overview of how it works, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Where is insert player’s name and why can’t I add him to my team?

We are proud of having one of the deepest player universes out there. If you want to start an auction on an American professional baseball player that you can’t find on ottoneu, contact us and we will do everything we can to add this player.

Do I need 40 players on my team to accumulate stats?

No! You will always accumulate stats, though if your team is in an illegal state, you won’t be able to change lineups or make trades without first resolving that.

How do cap penalties work?

If you cut a player in the off-season (after the regular season ends and before the keeper deadline), there is no penalty of any sort. However, during the season, there is a 50% penalty rounded up for any cuts. So if you cut a $50 player, he will count $25 against your cap. If you cut a $1 player, he counts a full $1 against your cap, so be careful! If another team either claims the player off of waivers for the full amount or wins the player during a 48-hour auction, your cap penalty is fully removed.

What are the different game types?

There are 4 game types for ottoneu fantasy baseball. They differ in the categories used and the scoring methods:

  • Old School – Rotisserie-style 5×5 (AVG, HR, RBI, SB, R and W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K). For the traditionalist in you.
  • ottoneu Classic – Rotisserie-style 4×4 sabermetric-hybrid (OBP, SLG, HR, R and ERA, WHIP, HR/9, K). This is the stat set of the original league that has been active since 2005.
  • FanGraphs Points – Points based on Linear Weights. Based on work by Justin Merry. Read his great FAQ about the system, or read more detailed pieces behind the hitting and pitching point values.
    AB -1.0
    H 5.6
    2B 2.9
    3B 5.7
    HR 9.4
    BB 3.0
    HBP 3.0
    SB 1.9
    CS -2.8
    IP 7.4
    K 2.0
    H -2.6
    BB -3.0
    HBP -3.0
    HR -12.3
    SV 5.0
    HOLDS 4.0
  • SABR Points – Like FanGraphs points, but with FIP-based pitching scoring. The original points system!
    AB -1.0
    H 5.6
    2B 2.9
    3B 5.7
    HR 9.4
    BB 3.0
    HBP 3.0
    SB 1.9
    CS -2.8
    IP 5.0
    K 2.0
    BB -3.0
    HBP -3.0
    HR -13.0
    SV 5.0
    HOLDS 4.0

For any further questions, please read the full rules or contact us.

Fangraphs Live Features:

  • Before the Game

Lineups: On our live scoreboard page, we always have up to date lineups for each and every game of the season. These are typically updated as soon as they become available.

Game Odds: Prior to each game we try to predict the chance of each team winning. These are based on our depth chart projections and take into account the starting lineup and starting pitcher. If there is no starting lineup yet, we try and do our best to predict the chances of each team winning anyway.

Probable Starter / Lineup Leaderboards: Want all the probable pitchers and lineups entered into a custom leaderboard for you? We do it for you!

Daily Fantasy Projections: Each day we have daily fantasy projections from our friends at SaberSim.

  • During the Game

Live Win Probability Charts: Check out our live win probability charts, detailed box scores, pitch chart, and play-by-play data. These are all updated in real time.

Live Leaderboards: You can see live leaderboards for either today’s stats or updated full season stats in real time.

Live Player Page Stats: If a player is playing today, you’ll see his updated live stats on his player page.

  • After the Game

Playoff Probabilities: When a game ends, we do our best to quickly update our playoff probabilities.


I must admit Fangraphs Podcasts can be very slow, monotone and nap inducing, BUT
you will get valuable information by listening to them…Just don’t attempt listening while sleepy..
Find Fangraphs Audio Here
You will find detailed analysis within these pages, from some of the smartest minds in the industry.Also, each player page has links to the latest articles relating to him. Looks like this

If you sign up for a free account at Fangraphs, you will have the ability to create your own teams. I use it to enter each of my teams so that I can look at their stats from one location. Plus, the stats at Fangraphs are more detailed than many pay sites and they use several sets of player projections.Highlighted below is the link on Fangraphs home page to create teams:
The player profiles used to be part of a premium package
FantasyPros has great tools during the season, but their free pre-season tools are top notch!


Expert Consensus Rankings –

Choose which experts you want to use and watch the magic happen as Fantasy Pros will combine the rankings of your favorite experts and spit out the data.

Mine are there (Andrea) as well as many others in the Fantasy Baseball Industry. They do other sports as well but I can only account for Baseball.

Draft Simulator

Tired of waiting forever to finish a mock draft? The Draft simulator takes less than five minutes!

Draft Analyzer

The Draft Analyzer provides an instant analysis of your mock and real drafts. It gives you a quick idea of how your team stacks up

Cheat Sheet Creator

You can instantly import any rankings from the web or from a spreadsheet on your computer. You can also combine multiple expert cheat sheets into one consensus cheat sheet. You’ll be able to customize the rankings through a simple drag-and-drop interface, create player tiers with a click of a button, and edit player notes.
Custom rankings and dollar values based on Zeile™ consensus projections


RSS Baseball Chatter

  • Baseball Chatter 06/23 06/23/2017
    The Mets are a season-worst ten games under .500 after they lost seven of their last eight games.
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/21 06/21/2017
    Adrian Beltre hit career home run number 447 yesterday and tied Miguel Cabrera with 1585 RBI
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter June 20 06/20/2017
    Anthony Rizzo has a career best 13 game hit streak. He has also been on base in the first inning each time he has hit atop the order, six games.
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter June 19 06/19/2017
    Anthony Rizzo has three homers and a .409 average in five games since being moved to the leadoff spot
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter June 17 06/17/2017
    Max Scherzer has allowed less than four hits in 10 of 14 starts and and struck out ten or more eight times, including five straight.
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter June 16 06/16/2017
    Buster Posey felt sudden pain in his surgically reconstructed ankle after hitting a home run last night but it sounds like he may only miss two games. Grab Wilson Ramos if he is still available in your league..
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/15/2017
    Matt Harvey allowed another three homers over four innings last night. He is suffering from a tired arm. Who knows what the Mets will do with him. Cargo is benched..
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/14 06/14/2017
    Puig is making baseball fun again and the Price is Wright because ice cream is on Sale. Who is on first?
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/12 06/12/2017
    Do yourself a huge favor and don't be a dick when you make trade offers in your Fantasy Baseball league. There are two easy ways to do this.
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/11 06/11/2017
    Marcus Stroman has not given up more than two runs in six of his last seven, and the Blue Jays has won each of his last seven starts, and nine of 13 on the season.
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/10 06/10/2017
    I wore my Mets hat out the first night I was in Philadelphia, and when I told that to GoFigure, she said, "Mets in Philly, no good. Philly is a total homer town, home teams only. If you aren't sporting home colors, there's no good interaction." Then I tried to talk to a girl at […]
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/07 06/07/2017
    Cam Bedrosian will not be activated today as expected because he is ‘not ready’ to face live batters. Is this guy soft or what is the deal? Just when you started to like Gerardo Parra, he hurts his neck and sits somewhere in between the bench and the disabled list. Expect him to hit the […]
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/05 06/05/2017
    Albert Pujols has more RBI since 2015 than anyone in the American League. Andrew McCutchen is hitting .394 with three homers in the last ten games. Over 1,245 games since his debut in 2009, McCutchen ranks first among National League players in hits (1,348), extra-base hits (497) and total bases (2,254). He has 183 home […]
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/04 06/04/2017
    Everyone knows that when an MLB grand slam is hit, Papa John’s gives 40% off the next day with the code PAPASLAM right? Last night there were seven, the most ever in one day.
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter June 3 06/03/2017
    Cubs manager Joe Maddon wins the best quote of the day, Ian Happ batted first while Kyle Schwarber hit seventh and the Cubbies beat the Cardinals at home after losing six straight road games
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter June 2 06/02/2017
    The guy who got Mr. Met fired feels real proud of his four second video, telling everyone that he was not the one heckling things at Mr. Met about 'yo momma'. I think I will heckle him until he blocks me or flips me off, then i will call his job and get him canned […]
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 06/01 06/01/2017
    Phillies GM Matt Klentak contradicted manager Pete Mackanin yesterday by saying that the Phillies are committed to giving Maikel Franco more time to snap his slump, Mr. Met got fired for flipping off a fan yesterday and James Paxton is the seventh-hardest throwing starting pitcher in baseball history
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 05/31 05/31/2017
    Last week Pete Mackanin benched Maikel Franco for two games, but instead of talking to him, he waited for Franco to approach him. Last year he did the same thing to Odubel, who never showed up to talk about it because he thought he was getting rest. WTF kind of communication is this?
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter 05/30 05/30/2017
    Injury Updates Mike Trout not only heads to the disabled list for ... Read More
    Andrea L
  • Baseball Chatter Happy Memorial Day 2017 05/29/2017
    Joe Maddon isn’t ‘ready’ to give up on Ian Happ even though he is 2 for his last 21 and struck out four times last night. Is this the same as not giving up on Kyle Schwarber as the leadoff batter? That worked out well. The question is when, not if they will give up […]
    Andrea L

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